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RMT-Metalltechnik und Fahrzeugbau GmbH & Co. KG


4. Maschine is delivers to the company RMT

Dieter Reimering CEO of RMT:

In May 2006, we introduced laser technology by purchasing a used TRUMPF laser cutting machine. The machine was a L3030 with 2600Watts laser, was supplied by Chronz Maschinenbauservice & Maschinenhandel.
DThe machine was easily integrated by Chronz in our production, so in August 2008 we decided to increase our laser capacity. In September, a TRUMPF L3040 TLF3000 was ordered at Chronz.

n 2011, our TC300 was replaced by a large format with TRUMPF TC600 TLF2400Turbo and in 2012, we decided that the getting on in years L3030 to exchange with an identical but younger L3030 with  machine with 4000 watt laser power. Again, we rely on the services of Chronz.

The company RMT GmbH & Co.KG offers reliable and innovative product developments and services. In the metal industry, it also creates solutions for special projects. For improved spatial representation RMT is so fashionable to drawing 3-D CAD applications, sketches of customers in various 3-D views.. Integrated postprocessors create programs for all sheet metal parts that are manufactured on CNC machines.

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