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Service and overhaul of TRUMPF CO Č lasers

Let your laser be overtaken in the specialist workshop.


We are the specialist for TRUMPF CO² laser


You not need a new laser!


We overhaul your resonator with warranty


Your laser brings no longer the original actual power or an adjustment of the mode is no longer possible, or have been certified by the manufacturer that the resonator is no longer repairable.

Then we are your partner in the future.

In our worshop TRUMPF CO² laser will be overhauled. Our 30 years experience with CO² laser, gives us the opportunity to offer our customers this extensive service.



  • Clogged, corroded mirror blocks be refurbished or replaced..
  • The turbine and the optics are replaced with new ones if necessary..
  • Quartz tubes and gas cooler be replaced.
  • Hoses and fittings be replaced
  • Guaranteed laser power
  • Guaranteed Mode
  • Lend laser during the repair.


At a test station, the lasers will be put back into operation.

The mode is measured by using a beam monitor. This is a mechanically scanning device for measuring the non-focused laser beam.

The mode is displayed on a screen an then recorded..



This mirror corner block proves indequate maintenance. The result is that the optical system is not sufficiently cooled, and the laser power is no longer constant. The end result is a strong water leakage and the end of operation of the resonator.

model series:
TLF 750, TLF1000, TLF1500, TLF1800, TLF2200, TLF2400, TLF2600, TLF3000, TLF3200, TLF3800, TLF4000


Phone & Service
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